“Un-polished diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.”

For many aspiring professionals, securing admission into a good institute or university can no longer promise a plush job title. The problem exists due to a very considerable gap between what the industry expects from its recruits and what the newcomers are able to deliver. The theoretical knowledge imparted in the educational institutes can fall short when it comes to provide a solution for a real-time industry problem. Several studies have been conducted on similar pattern across the globe and in India on the lack of professional skills present in today’s youth.

Pharmademics attracts the unique student who’s curious to explore a topic beyond the textbook. We’ve found that students are ready-from day one-to work closely with our experienced faculty on research projects of real academic consequence.

In an intellectual environment, a good research idea can come from anywhere: professor, student, or member of the community. We help to protect the idea and result is an intellectual partnership where each member of the team brings something important to the table, whether it’s the youthful idealism of the student or the sharp analytical eye of the professor.

As creative and innovative thinking are the pre-requisites for the problem solving mindset hence early exposure to these concepts will encourage student’s orientation towards research. Come and recognize the interesting world of Creativity,Innovation and Design Thinking surrounding you. It will nurture student’s mind to understand real time problem. Further, This knowledge also motivates them to come out with unique and creative solutions for problems. We are happy to help you at any stage of your student life to explore the world of Creativity, Innovation and Design thinking Join us to enhance the quotient.


  • To build technical and professional skill sets in students while they are still in college.
  • Ready human resources from Day 1.
  • Assist in preparing the students for the career of their choice, thereby, endowing confidence and self- worth in them.
  • To provide practical exposure to the students under the experienced mentors and as per industry standards.

Hence, Pharmademics is here to assist you in developing and building technical skills with the help of industry mentors having vast and rich experience in their respective domains. So, now you have the option of polishing your skills in the area of your interest.



Your curriculum vitae and covering letter is an opportunity given to showcase yourself as the best of what you’ve got.

It is your primary selling tool to sell your skills and experience to justify that you are the best and perfect employee for the job applied.

Drafting a CV/Resume could be a toughest job for many of us and we, Pharmademics is here to make it as simple as it can be.

Knowing what to put in curriculum vitae properly can really boost up your opportunities to being called for interview

“Did you know that organizations skimmed through thousands of CVs/Resumes every day and they merely spend on an average 8-10 seconds on each of them? Now the question arises that how u can showcase yourself unique and best in those few seconds for the job you have applied?”


Job interview could be that brief moment of time that can impact the rest of your life. If done well, it will lead to job offers with lucrative packages. If done poorly, it can cost you a wonderful opportunity to be missed.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. However, good preparation takes the pain out of the process.

Unfortunately, many of us practice interview during the actual situation only. The fact is that with a less number of vacancies, you have to make the most of every knocked opportunity and cannot afford to practice when a potential job is on the line.

Learning interview skills does more than just help you answer the question in a better way but also helps you in dealing with unpleasant situations.

Interviews are not just casual conversations – they are tactical maneuvers on both sides of the table.


We do not work just to generate revenue but we deliver this passion of ours into you with the help of our expert faculty who have already created a niche in their respective domain.

We offer the programs which are tailor made depending upon experience level. So, whether you are an absolute fresher or experienced in a certain area and wishing to enter a world of Pharmacy, don’t worry and give us an
opportunity to turn every stone unturned.

Our workshops and seminars have a strong focus on the practical side of the techniques with theoretical training. Drawing on a pool of skilled and experienced facilitators, we ensure that our workshops are relevant and up-to-date and are taught in a participant-centered, relaxed, and interactive learning environment.


  • We focus on behavioral interview techniques.
  • We stress the importance of being you.
  • We won’t force you to act like an extrovert – instead, we will teach you how to talk about yourself without getting self-conscious.
  • We make you stand different and unique.
  • Creation of CVs that are visually appealing and error free.
  • Over 100’s of CVs written and delivered.
  • Professional network of CV writers and Interviewers.
  • Strong exposure in all the domains of pharmaceutical industry.
  • 99% success rate and striving to make it 100%.




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